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Download Diane Birch Free Itunes Single of the Week, Win an Ipod Nano!

You know the first time you hear an artist who grabs your ear and your heart? Who suspends everything else for a moment, and …

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Hitting the road? Keep the kids happy! Disney travel kit giveaway

We have several road trips planned for this summer (mostly to see Dan play) and I can already hear the screams echoing through the minivan. …

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The New York Times Makes Mommy Wars Even Stupider

I’m disappointed.
Truly. Deeply. Seriously.
This??? This was necessary?
Freelance journalist Jennifer Mendelsohn (and, like, Mom-mee blogger! Who like, luuuuurves American Idol. …

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Favorite Beatles song, and catch up

Wow, my blog is still here! It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, but everything is ok. Both of my gorgeous moms are still fighting their …

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I’m a writer mom of three in the DC burbs. Yeah, I drive a minivan- but it has kickin bass.

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