Mosaic Cabinet- Resin

I’ve always loved mosaics. Maybe it’s their kaleidoscopic style, or the melange of texture and color. But while I’m a long time admirer, I’m a recent convert to creating. It’s been fun to learn, especially because it’s been trial and error- based only on what I think MAY work. So far, I’ve been lucky in that the things I make stick together.

This piece is a china cabinet I picked up at Salvation Army for $100, back in August. I was drawn to the bones or the backpiece, which had wooden dividers dividing it into distinct rectangular sections. It looked perfect to contain grout, and I was excited to tackle my first big piece.

I used an orbital sander to reveal the doors, trim, and countertop, and re-finished it with a red water based stain. Then, coated the whole bad boy in a nice poly for a like-new shine.

Along the way, I decided to use resin instead of grout to fill in the blanks- I wanted the openness, clarity, and the ability to have different level pieces jutting out. That choice opened the door to using paper and fabric, as well, since it would be poised in the clear resin instead of obscured by grout. Then, it was on. I wound up making wacky little universes in each rectangle, and adding different layers of texture over a 3-month period. It was really fun.

Mosaic Cabinet


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