Day 3: Nairobi, Kenya

Day 3: Nairobi, Kenya

Today we visited a community school in Nairobi, in a part of town called a “kagigi” in Swahili- or a slum by westerners.

This is not a community like any I’ve ever seen before. We were convoyed in Safari vehicles, as our usual purple bus would never have passed through the narrow streets teeming with people. Small children in particular liked to move as close as possible, giving me several near heart attacks.

I felt rather like a very entitled sore thumb, as we were the only vehicles winding their way through the village of tarpaper and sheet metal- there were lots of eyes fixed curiously in our direction. But as soon as I waved at anyone out of the window, they’d wave back with a lovely smile and I would again realize that I have yet to meet a cranky Kenyan.

The school was full of 200 happy children and some exceptional teachers and adminstrators. The name of it translates to Light of Hope- which is certainly what it seemed to be for these sweet small learners.

But some things are not best explained in words.

Kagigi in Nairobi

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Day 3, Agenda:
Visit an early learning program at a USAID Education Site Visit (Education)

Daily Action: We met with teachers and students in Nairobi. Watch our video “Chieftainess” about a remarkable woman who is teaching her community about the importance of education. Then share the video with your friends and leave a comment:


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  1. Shannon May Friday - 29 / 07 / 2011 Reply
    Lyndsay, I was so glad to meet you Wednesday night in Nairobi, and hope to stay in touch. You can see a little bit more about what we do at Bridge International Academies on our website: We have 8 schools in the greater Mukuru area, serving more than a 1000 students, and growing each day. We know through our rigorous testing program, using a USAID developed exam system deployed internationally, that we are are delivering a superior education to our children, for $4 per month. Keep in touch! Shannon

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