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Mothers and Their Children

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Mother’s day is coming up- and I love this message from and former First Lady Laura Bush. It gets to the heart of the sanctity of every mother’s hopes and every child’s future.

Across the world, we all want our children to have every chance at the basics. Health, education, opportunities to follow whatever their passion may be. has worked for years in developing countries, empowering mothers to forge that future for their children. By advocating for programs that provide health care and education, they trigger a ripple effect that truly does make a difference. 

And they do it through people, not money- what these moms and ONE needs is the voices from around the world to chime in and encourage this amazing process. Access to vaccines, to agricultural education- you can help create them. By joining ONE.

Along with several other members of ONE’s Mom Advisory Council, I’ll be travelling to Kenya to witness and share the amazing “living proof” of the difference these efforts make. I’ve never been to Africa before, so as we’re getting ready, I’ll post my reading list if you’re interested. I’m awed and filled with joy at the opportunity to see the universality of motherhood firsthand, and grateful to be a small part of the great work ONE does empowering women, girls, and children in developing countries.
These are my wonderful travelling companions:

And here’s Mrs. Bush:

Disclosure: My participation in the ONE Council is not compensated, and this post is 100% my opinion. I will be a guest of the organization while in Kenya.

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