What happens in Vegas…

Ahhh, you know the rest.:) I left a week ago tomorrow for Sin City, and I’m still getting my sea legs from the back and forth on red eyes. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s from the penny slots.Don’t judge me! (You have to say it like Joy from My Name is Earl- genius, that lady.)

It was great to see Clutch kick off the Motorhead tour, and then have a few days girl time with my friend Audrey- we were staying in the new MGM City Center, at Vdara, and I really love the scale and very clean modernism of the properties in that area. Though of course, inside, you’re gonna smell like smoke in the casino no matter what you do.

Here’s some pics:

MGM City Center Fountain

MGM Fountains, Las Vegas

MGM City Center

MGM City Center

Hermes Window in Vegas

Hermes Window in Vegas

My VERY VERY FAVORITE Window Evah- Hermes in Vegas

You can bet this was just window shopping, after Mr. Penny Monopoly and I were done tangoing- but it was still wicked fun just to be in a place so delectable and so far removed from ice and snow.:)

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