Snow Day 2011

So it’s not quite the Snowpocalypse of last year, but it’s still a pretty good dumping of the white stuff. We were very lucky that our power stayed on, as Montgomery County is notorious for its aboveground power lines and rampant outages during heat, wind, thunderstorms, snow, and…well, whatever other condition you can name.

But ours blinked a few times and was otherwise steady, meaning that we baked some cookies last night and watched it pour down. The kids were so excited that they kept popping back downstairs till 11:30, telling us:

“Someone needs our help! They’re stuck in the snow! (They got out.)
Or, “The snowplows came by AGAIN!” (Thanks for the update, Kid.)
Or, “We smell popcorn!” (Because there IS popcorn. They have my genetic sense for it.)
Or, my favorite, “I have an itchy rash and I need water…and we can’t sleep unless you sing to us. We promise not to boo you tonight!” (My rendition of a made-up song called “Early Morning Mommy Blues” was not a crowd hit on Tuesday.)

Eventually, they passed out, and woke up ready to rumble today. Here’s what it looks like here:

Snowperson with Clementine Belly Button

What’s up in your neighborhood? Stay warm, unless you live in Florida or California, in which case I am jealous, and you should go sit in the refrigerated section of the store for 10 minutes. It builds character.

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