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Kodak Vlogger Challenge Week Three-Creating Content

What makes great video content, and how do you consistently come up with it? It’s something all bloggers (and vloggers!) constantly wrestle with- here’s my …

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Kodak Vlogger Challenge Week 2

This week’s question is all about comfort in front of the camera. For me, this ties back to perfectionism, oo- since I’m never going to …

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My “Bintervention” with Nate Berkus and Julie Morganstern

We all have those things we’re just a WEE tad obsessive about, right? Those items that we think, “If one is good, than six is …

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Literacy, SC Johnson Wax, and the Clean Start Challenge

As long as I can remember, books have been my friends. I’ve thought of characters and their lives beyond the page, wondering what …

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