My “Bintervention” with Nate Berkus and Julie Morganstern

We all have those things we’re just a WEE tad obsessive about, right? Those items that we think, “If one is good, than six is better!” (Work with me here, people, I really don’t want to be the only manic one i the house.)

My thing is bins. They’re adorable- (my faves are Scout Bungalow Co.) they fold down flat when not in use, and, best of all, they hide my mess. And, I THOUGHT that was a good thing. Turns out, when you can’t see your mess, you just keep making the layers deeper. Here’s what started me on a more decluttered path: (though I still love my Scout.:)

And, in the studio with Julie:

Believe me, it’s still a work in progress- I didn’t get hit with the organized stick and wake up like Alice from the Brady Bunch. BUT I’m definitely more thoughtful when deciding where to put things in the house. We actually had a huge flood since this segment was shot, which made me take an even closer look at what we actually LOVE and USE versus what I feel obligated to keep for whatever reason.

How about you? Love bins, or see them as a crutch of the disorganized to feel in control?

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  1. Lauren Friday - 21 / 01 / 2011 Reply
    1. You look beautiful! 2. Why did that woman keep touching you? 3. Nate, she isn't messy! 4. Your bins are pretty! 5. I'm reorganizing my bins too! Most of mine have turned into junk bins. Blah. Love you!
  2. Jennifer (Savor) Wednesday - 23 / 02 / 2011 Reply
    Ok doll, I want to know if you stuck with the 28 day plan? any trips to the container store?
    • Lindsay Wednesday - 23 / 02 / 2011 Reply
      Dude, I'm FIGHTING it!!!!:) Doesn't help that Scout's new line comes out in 2 weeks and is GORGEOUS... I will admit to some bin browsing.:) Definitely still plowing through my love of re-buying instead of laundering, but we're getting there. MWAH! Can't wait to see you soon!!! xoxo-L
  3. Justice Fergie Thursday - 07 / 04 / 2011 Reply
    Ok, WHY did I have NO idea you were on the NB Show??? How AWESOME. I enabling you by coming tomorrow night? :-)
    • Lindsay Thursday - 07 / 04 / 2011 Reply
      My Hubs actually calls in BIN-abling- ROTFL. It's OK, I've succumbed to that addiction.:)
    • Lindsay Thursday - 07 / 04 / 2011 Reply
      Thanks, Boo!

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