Rainbows and Puppies

My hope is, that if I talk about puppies, you won’t notice that I mashed up my sidebars over there (You’d think I’d have learned my now…NO CSS FOR LINDSAY! Bad!) So yep, pretend they’re not all squished up- we’re migrating to a different theme next week, and letting them be until then.

Man. Now I just did that thing like if you get your hair done, and it comes out too dark, and someone compliments you and you say, “ooohhh, thanks, I was really thinking it would be lighter, but…”

Not that there was going to be a run of compliments on the broken sidebars. “So UNIQUE! So ILLEGIBLE!”

Please forgive me…we got a puppy and he’s eaten my brain. He’s so wicked cute and soft we all just sit around and rub his belly and make puppy sounds at him all day. His name is Gustav, and we fell in love with him on the street and adopted him shortly thereafter. He is a Chihuahua mutt, but don’t judge- he looks just like a mini chocolate lab.

He is also Houdini-esque and escaped from 3 different types of crates- and if you don’t crate him, and you leave the room for more than two seconds, he eats…well, pretty much anything. He’s chewed the ears off of all his new toys, but I appreciate his restricting it to his own objects.

He and the 4 yr old have a running competition to see who can ignore Mom’s requests/suggestions/VERY LOUD DEMANDS the longest…I thik I’ve asked the 4 year old to get dressed 86 times so far this morning, and the dog to get off the couch 42. The truth is, I want to pack them all off to their various schools and crates and watch “Lie To Me” all day on Netflix. That is what would rock my world today. And perhaps I shall, for an hour in there somewhere. but now, off to ask certain people to JUST DO IT OH MY GOSH for the 20 eleventh time.

Wishing you good listeners and bonbons all day long- xoxo, L


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