Adventures of Gustav Part 1

One of my favorite features of our new puppy is that he is not a barker. In fact, I had never even heard his bark.

Until the other day, that is. The day he met his arch nemesis- we’ll call her Pretend Pink Dachsund. The funny thing about Pretend Pink Dachsund is that Gustav brought her over to me (in his mouth, natch) and laid her expectantly at my feet. As though he knew she had superpowers. So I flipped the switch- and this is what happened.

R and R mama player

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  1. Vera from Lady and the Blog Tuesday - 14 / 12 / 2010 Reply
    Gustav has to be the best name I've ever heard for a pet. If I ever get another animal, that will be his/her name! LOVE IT

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