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Sherry-Mom of 2 on Momcation.:)

Sherry Howard is both a rock star spin instructor, and the kind of friend who drops home-made soup off at your mama’s when she’s sick. For the last four years, she’s been a daily inspiration to me and my go-to Starbucks impromptu buddy.

In the last two years, she’s morphed from a mama who goes to the gym as a chore to get more activity points to a highly dedicated (and much loved!) fitness instructor…spin, water fitness, boot camp…my girl is out there kicking people’s bahookies seven days a week. I’ve been watching her step into this new role with such purpose and assurance, all the while juggling home cooking and caring for two sweet boys (and a Hubs.:)

And she’s very involved with her family’s non-profit, Courtney’s Crusade, to honor her sister who passed away much too young- and to insure that others have access to the equipment that can save their lives.

Courtney suffered an episode of sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 24. After her tragic and sudden loss, her family went to work- and learned that one of the keys to survival in the event of sudden cardiac arrest is early defibrillation.

Yet few public places have access to Automated External defibrillators (AED).

From Courtneys Crusade: Each year Sudden Cardiac Death claims the lives of a quarter of a million people in the United States alone and kills one adult every one to two minutes. It is because of these astonishing statistics that Courtney’s Crusade has partnered with the American Heart Association and holds an annual fundraiser in Courtney’s memory. Through generous donations and a silent auction, we have been able to raise thousands of dollars to purchase AED’s and place them in local schools throughout Houston. Less than six months later, one of those devices has already been utilized.

Sherry’s amazes me constantly with her spirit, energy, and very level- headed outlook. She’s a pragmatist of the best kind. She sees things for precisely what they are, then she rolls up her sleeves. She’s the girl you want in your corner.

So yes, she’s a machine, (think Energizer Bunny) but she’s our machine and we love her. (One of my favorite things about Sherry- she can be trusted to text me from anywhere in a three county radius with the best deal on Rainier cherries. We rejoice every summer when they show up at Whole Foods again.)

And the mark of a true Texas girl- her taste in music. Don’t let the sweet drawl and hawt blond hair fool you- this girl’s got some swamp blood in her veins.  I love her mixes, and she shared a spin class version for your sweating pleasure.

She also taught me the best beauty queen trick for pictures- Put your tongue directly behind your two front teeth when you smile- perfect, every time. Now if only I could keep my eyes open.:)

Here’s some Sherry inspiration mix to get you over the Hill. I’m gonna rock it for my 5K training this week.To my kick-bahookie friend: Thank you for being exactly who you are. You don’t even know how cool you are, sister.

Beautiful Monster 4:11
Seated Flat                            65%

Jai Ho! 3:42
Increase ½ Turn
Standing Run                        70%
Seated Run                            75%

Miss Independent 3:35

(Jay-Z version) Standing Climb                     80%

Fell On Black Days 4:42
Seated Climb             85%

Just Dance 4:02
Run w/Resistance    75%

Dancing with Myself (The Donnas NOT Billy Idol)                                                  3:28
Seated Flat
75% -85%

Born to Run 4:29
Run w/Resistance
FAST PACE               75%

Crush Crush Crush

Standing Climb                     80%

Take me to the River 5:01
Seated Climb             85%

When Love Takes Over
Run w/Resistance    75%

Thanks for the Memories 3:23
(Fall Out Boy) Seated Flat                            92%

Forever 2009

Black Sheep           3:28
Resistance Loading
6/10                           75%

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That 3:30
Seated Climb
6/10 – 80RPM         80%

Kryptonite 3:54
Seated Climb
8/10 – 80RPM         92%

How Low 3:54
Ludakris and Shawna Standing Climb                     85%

Ballroom Blitz The Sweet

Seated Run
5/10 – 90RPM         80%

Sexy Chick 3:16
David Guetta Standing Run w/Resistance            92%

Enter Sandman 5:32
Metallica Standing Climb         92%
7/10                80RPM

Evacuate the Dancefloor 3:30
Cascada Run w/Resistance    80%

Jump (Flo Rida – NOT Van Halen)  3:29
Standing Climb
SPRINTS                               92%

Hey Soul Sister Train
South Side Moby
Fast Car , Wyclef

Breakfast in America

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  1. Kelly Friday - 20 / 08 / 2010 Reply
    Sherry is indeed one awesome friend!
  2. Lucinda Friday - 20 / 08 / 2010 Reply
    Sherry is one of the best people I know. I love her and feel very lucky to have her in my life and to call her friend.
  3. hd porn videos online Sunday - 20 / 02 / 2011 Reply
    Sherrys rock star spin mix.. Corking :)

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