School of Rock Live Aid Tour

They say that stars are made, and not born- but with arts education being slashed left and right, kids have fewer chances to discover instruments that may have allowed them to find their star power.

Enter School of Rock- allowing kids to not only follow their star, but to learn teamwork and responsibility- if you show up to band practice and you didn’t learn your requisite part, you’ll find out pretty quickly the true meaning of interconnectedness.

And, to give some School of Rock kids a chance to get out there on the road and perform, School of Rock presents Live Aid Remade.

Music Director Jesse Krakow describes it this way: ” A tribute to the historic 1985 concert/fundraiser that took place in London and Philadelphia, the show will feature selections from the Woodstock of the 80’s as it came to be known – that have truly stood the test the time.

How big was Live Aid? How about 70,000 + people in London and just under 100,000 people in Philadelphia big? How about big enough for Led Zeppelin to re-form? How about big enough that Mick Jagger performed and didn’t even headline? How big is that? The word is global.

Global. As in, Live Aid was a global jukebox where U2 and Madonna could rub shoulders with The Beach Boys and The Four Tops. Where Judas Priest could go on directly after Crosby, Stills, & Nash and Run DMC and Black Sabbath could play back to back. Where 80’s one-hit wonders like Billy Ocean + Rick Springfield could share the stage with Keith Richards and Tina Turner. Simply put, it was where musicians could put aside their egos and play for the enjoyment and the betterment of others.”

I love it.

I remember visiting my Dad’s friend in Philadephia and swimming in the pool all day- and that night, watching the musicians hold hands and sing, “We are the World” , grownups and kids alike crying at the beauty of it. It was a pretty cool moment.

Here’s the tour dates for School of Rock Live Aid Remade, featuring School of Rock All-Stars…and if it’s near you, know that part of your ticket price will go to those in need- $10 from every ticket will benefit Music for Relief (, a non-profit organization established by Linkin Park which seeks to bring the music community together to raise awareness and funds for victims of natural disasters .

The proceeds from this tour are specifically going towards the organization’s efforts in Haiti.


7/7 – Portland, OR
7/9 – Cascade Locks, OR
7/10 – Seattle, WA
7/11 – Seattle, WA
7/14 – Boise, ID
7/15 – Houston, TX
7/15 – Salt Lake City, UT
7/16 – Oklahoma City, OK
7/16 – Denver, CO
7/17 – Memphis, TN
7/17 – Boulder, CO
7/18 – Cincinnati, OH
7/19 – Cleveland, OH
7/20 – Detroit, MI
7/21 – Chicago, IL
7/21 – Las Vegas, NV
7/22 – St. Paul, MN
7/22 – Bakersfield, CA
7/23 – Kansas City, MO
7/23 – San Francisco, CA
7/24 – Frisco, TX
7/24 – Reno, NV
7/25 – Austin, TX
7/25 – San Jose, CA
7/27 – Los Angeles, CA -Whiskey A Go Go-SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SHOW
7/28 – Phoenix, AZ
7/30 – Vista, CA
7/30 – Miami, FL
7/31 – Corona, CA
7/31 – Orlando, FL
8/1 – San Diego, CA
8/1 – Atlanta, GA
8/3 – Raleigh, NC
8/4 – Baltimore, MD
8/5 – Westchester, NY / Fairfield, CT
8/5 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
8/6 – Boston, MA
8/6 – Coral Springs/N. Palm, FL
8/7 – Long Island, NY
8/7 – Tampa, FL
8/8 – Charlotte, NC
8/10 – Norfolk / VA Beach, VA
8/11 – Richmond, VA
8/12 – Washington, DC
8/14 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory- SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SHOW
8/19 – New York, NY – Blender Theater- SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SHOW

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  1. Ri, The Music Savvy Mom Monday - 26 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    SO cool. I had made a mental note to check this out but never did - thanks for the reminder. I may have to get tix to the Va. Beach show. I think Liam would LOVE it, and there are more than a few good lessons that can come of discussion about this project. :)
  2. Rock Mamma Thursday - 09 / 09 / 2010 Reply
    thanks for sharing this story. We think what we do is very cool. of course the music is important, but i think even more important things happen for our students. They learn teamwork, how to be a good leader AND how to be a good follower. They learn compromise and accountability. They make close friends. And best of all, their self esteem SOARS. Thanks again for helping tell the School of Rock story. Stacey Marmolejo aka Rock Mamma School of Rock Minnesota

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