Evo 2010- Live Blog of Keynote and Food Session

Miso Salmon at Alpine House

I’m chillin in Park City, Utah, at the inaugural Evo Conference. It’s at the beautiful Canyons Resort, and for once I have the whole famdamily on the road with me- it’s pretty awesome. Yes, all five of us are in the same state. And no, that does NOT mean that we’re having a fourth baby. But I digress.

Jyl and Rachel have POWNED at their liftoff conference. As someone who’s been to about 20  plus conferences this year (Why, YES, I do need a life!!!) I can say these chicks slayed it. It has been an amazing organizational coup so far, and I’m in awe. This morning was a keynote of two Oprah producers, who really took us behind the curtain of how things work in the Harpo world. There are 135 hours left of original content before the Oprah Show goes dark. Hard to imagine, right?

It was pretty amazing to hear them discuss the fragmentation of the market, and how (or who!!!) the mantle of Oprah might be passed on- OR, is it possible that there’s no one media personality who can be everything to everybody? Is the space so fractal that niche content is the way forward?

@Hydeparkmom , one of the producers, talked about how bloggers offer a window into their world that jumps them several steps forward into the pre-interview game. Instead of being vetted, they’re just confirming what they’ve already seen and read on your blog.

I also live blogged (in a delayed fashion) the opening keynote of Evo and the food blogging session (yes, I went to heaven. There was caramel.)

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