One More Reason to Love Llamas!

There’s a beautiful old Mill not far from our home, with lush green grass, stately tall trees and a great stream for splashing. Our clan loves to picnic there, and go “creeking” with pants rolled up and eyes peeled for watery treasure. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how frequently we can be found at the Mill…hanging out and enjoying nature as a family.

(If you’ve ever BEEN in Nature with me, you can now commence howling with laughter at my bucolic portrayal: Nature has no Starbucks. BUT it wears my kids out, so there you have it.)

Now, on the WAY to the Mill, there are llamas. We love us some llamas, too. I mean, seriously – a llama is not the kind of animal you’d expect to see just hanging out behind a fence a few minutes from your house. When you’re a small one, having llamas for neighbors is big-time cool!

Enter quirky UK musical duo Patrick and Eugene, whose current CD All Together Now boasts a track all about our “favorite ungulate”. When I heard about their song, “Llama”, and the video contest they’re running for kids, I knew I had to let you in on it. It’s practically fate, yo! Per the press info:

“So You Think You Can Llama Dance,” an interactive call to the public, and children especially, to make and submit their own videos to Patrick & Eugene’s song “Llama.” The creator of the best llama dance will win a selection of fun, kid friendly instruments from the folks at Woodstock Chimes. Runners-up will receive a copy of Patrick & Eugene’s newest album “Altogether Now.”

Have you checked out Woodstock Chimes? They have musical instruments for kiddos that ROCK. Junior Steel Drums. Mini slide whistles. Pint-sized accordions. Egg shakers. Rain sticks. Fun, fun, fun! Why not fire up the Video Cam, channel your inner VH-1 Video Director and laugh with your little one while you choreograph the perfect “Llama Dance” together?

Now, instructions and sample videos as well as a FREE download of the song “Llama” can be found here: Wild imaginations are encouraged; holding back is not. Dance, laugh, get your silly on and teach your children about music and some really cool animals simultaneously. Be sure to come back and let us know if you win!


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