Internet Friends Rock My Socks

Sometimes, people say “Oh, sure, you know people on the internet, but they’re not REAL friends.” And I get it, that we only know the parts of people that they choose to share. That some people may show only the pretty parts, or be downright dishonest about who they are.

But I think by applying the same standards and filters that we would to friends in “real life”, we can wind up with a rich assortment of folks whose friendship is real, whether it  ever steps out of the screen into 3-D technicolor, or whether it remains Twitter, Facebook, and blog-based.

Here’s a sample of friendships that began online and had legs:

1. I met @jessicanow for lunch at PF Changs about 18 months ago, after reaching out to her online. Through that involvement, we wound up pitching Lifetime for an event and eventually, Lifetime Moms was born.

2. I met the co-author of my book, Glamajama, on Twitter, the relationship moved to phone, and we became co-authors long before we ever shared Gingerbread pancakes at Magnolia Cafe.

3. All of my wonderful Lifetime Moms cohorts were voices in a Skype Room first, and I saw them for the first time in New York months later, after getting to know their voices daily. This past week, I spent three days with them at the Breakers in Palm Beach, bonding around the almost one-year anniversary of our baby launching. And I was so blown away as I learned more about what makes each of them tick, and what brought them to the blogging table originally.

4. I had an amazing experience at Cranwell in the Berkshires last week- after reading the blogs of my fellow ambassadors for months, I finally met all of them- some I knew already, and some were new to me. But I can say with certainty now that we are all homegirls, and I will take 2 am calls from any of them. (Actually, I’m not picky, I love 2 am phone calls- nocturnal. Holla!)

Christine Koh and Cooper Munroe, Jennifer James, Amy KeroesMorra Aarons Mele, and Ellen Seidman and I connected in a way that felt timeless and unique.  We spent several hours coaching each other through perceptions and opportunities for each other’s brands, and I felt like all the cut-throat blogger backstabbing that I’ve witnessed on occasion was light years from the couches we’d pushed together in the wee hours of the night. The friends I’ve made whom I trust implicitly, and who I know have my best interests at heart and I theirs, mean all the world to me.

In any profession, you need mentors- an inner circle of people in your corner whom you know will be honest with you, even if you may not want to hear it. But they find gentle, loving ways to tell you to get off your high horse and light a fire under your bahookie simultaneously- all while making you know that they love you dearly. Their value cannot be calculated.

5. My wonderful, wonderful other half of my brain, Ri, who handles all the analytical and tech stuff that is not my strongest suit, and keeps me on track no matter how many fields I may want to go pick flowers in. Her smarts and heart and reciprocal sounding board mad skillz are not to be believed, and I thank my lucky stars for her every day.

I could go on for many moons about the people I’ve met on the internet, or the people I’ve read who don’t know I exist. But they’ve changed my life or my perspective in some way, large or seemingly small. They’ve all mattered. Yourself included.

So tell me: what does “real” friendship mean to you? And what people have you met on the innerwebs who changed the course of your life???

And to all of you innerweb friends, past, present, and future: I’d like to say this:

You Rock!

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  1. Jennifer Friday - 28 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Last week was such an amazing and special time for me. I really did experience a safe circle as Christine called it. That is so rare. I'm thrilled you recognized the energy of the group and suggested we all sit down and get productive. Those types of moments don't come easily or happen often. So glad you recognized it and seized upon the moment. Lady, you rock! .-= Jennifer ´s last blog ..Review: Influence: How Women’s Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better =-.
  2. cooper munroe Friday - 28 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    It is still with me and will always be. You made it happen and were the life force behind it. I am in awe and joy of the weekend, the moment, the insight and the magic of it all. Truly a moment in time. Because of you. Thank you, forever. Hugs. C
  3. Laurie Friday - 28 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Not surprised to read what Cooper wrote - you truly are a connector, girl. Also, so glad you got that time with Morra. She is one of my favorite people in this blog world and beyond. Amazing combination of huge brain and heart there. Love her. As for me, so many many great connections and friends. I'd be lost without Sarah. We met at BlogHer DC and it was like, how did we not know each other before? Maria Niles and Suebob are among my closest friends...I can't even list everyone, it would be too long. All of my BlogHer CE pals, then of course all of my DC moms who look out for me and invite me to parties and care about what goes on in my life. And you, of course. :) This topic has been popping up in a few places for me this week, how the internet has been the great equalizer for a lot of us. This has been the experience of my life, this blogging thing has opened so many doors both professional and personal. It's easy to get gushy, yes? But it's all true. xoxo. .-= Laurie´s last blog ..Not Ready to Make Nice =-.
  4. kim/hormone-colored days Friday - 28 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    I love this post. My husband sometimes teases me about my "invisible friends," but I'm with you. I've made some very real friends and business partners online. I'm going to skip the 2 AM phone call for now, but my just ring you at, oh, 11:00 some night soon. .-= kim/hormone-colored days´s last blog ..Where does the time go? Find out on June 4 =-.
  5. rockrollmama Friday - 28 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Jennifer- I was just so happy you all were down for indulging my nocturnal ways and hanging out.:) And I didn't even feel shy or geeky about asking, which is so rare for me in a new group and speaks to the spirit of the group. Coop: Fist bump and much love and respeck. You know how we roll. Laurie: See, that's so funny, cause that's the day that I met you and Sarah, but I thought you guys had been friends for years already. How funny is that??? You know I adore you, and you're one of the very first "blog" friends I knew offline first and online later. And you're awesome both. :) Kim: I know, I try to give my hubs the lowdown on what's happening here with whom, but quickly give it uo as it seems to him I'm spinning one long imaginary yarn with people I may as well name "Blue" or "Flagpole". Then they come out to shows, and the whole landscape changes. Faces, voices, names- they ARE real!!! :)
  6. Boston Mamas Saturday - 29 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    YOU ROCK. Not just because of that hot shirt. I think I have seen you 4 times in the last year and two of these instances have involved deep, meaningful conversations. We're batting .500 -- pretty damned awesome. .-= Boston Mamas´s last blog ..Memorial Day Fun =-.
  7. rockrollmama Saturday - 29 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Koh! We're cool like that. I'll always love how we met- a complete serendipitous opportunity to hang out without kids and eat those delicious 2 bite brownies- that NEVER happens. And then you dropped me off at that amazing vintage store where I melted my brain digging through the stacks. An auspicious start to a friendship if ever I heard of one.
  8. Jessica Smith Saturday - 29 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Lindsay, I'll never forget our lunch at PF Changs. You're the type of friend that brings out the best in others. And a fairweather friend you're not. I know we have years of sticking by each other through thick & thin. Can't wait until I'm back in DC so we can meet for coffee and hang out more often again. Much love and....YOU rock! .-= Jessica Smith´s last blog ..hey amber rae: Turn Your Traffic Into Valuable User Data =-.
  9. Ricardo Bueno Saturday - 29 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Kinda cool the people you meet and the friendships you never would have guessed develop! And it's funny too, when you meet someone... (Sometimes) there's that awkward "I don't know whether to go for a hug or the handshake" moment. Anyway, cool to see how the interwebz and the people you've met have had an impact on you. Hope to see you soon! (Blogworld) .-= Ricardo Bueno´s last blog ..Shiny Object Syndrome =-.
    • rockrollmama Saturday - 29 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      Ricardo! Thank you for stopping by! I'll never forget sitting on a plane next to a guy who was talking about wanting to get more digital in his real estate- I said "OH! I know just the guy," mentioned your name, and he pulls a proposal out of his bag that you've already written! That's the amazing power of the internet- it makes our worlds so much smaller and richer simultaneously. And you've always been such a warm face to see, I'm glad to know you.:)
  10. Andi Saturday - 05 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    Lindsay, I TOTALLY agree with you. I have met the BEST people since starting to blog, in fact the ratio of good-to-bad with people I meet through blogging versus good-to-bad with people I meet through in-person interactions is a far higher number than most people would think. I say, you are spot on!

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