I admit it- I want an Ipad.

Apple's New Ipad

Oh, Steve Jobs. You beast. You’ve done it again.

No other company inspires such gadget lust, but it’s true. Whenever Apple comes out with a new device, I want to lick it and yell, “MINE!” before my 13 year old grabs it.

Make no mistake: when (Not if, WHEN!) an Ipad shows up at my house, I’m sticking my Mabel’s Label’s stickers alllll over it to denote EXACTLY. Whose. it is. Namely, Mine.

I’ve been holding out- haven’t bought a Kindle, haven’t bought a Sony E-reader, despite being very interested in their Daily model. Something about Apple makes me want to see what they’ll throw in the ring before I commit.

And I haven’t been disappointed yet- I’ve been running on Apple Laptops for ten years now, and it’s the kind of tech I like- the kind that does what I want it too, so I don’t have to think very hard about it.

I do wish they would replace the screens on Iphones for free when their klutzy owners (moi, c’est moi) drop them. But I suppose they would quickly go broke if all are as clumsy as me.

But, to their credit, when I recently dropped said 13 year old’s NEW Ipod touch into a mixture of soapy water and pancake batter, it worked after I roasted it overnight in the oven.

Read that sentence again. It says exactly what you think.

Yes. I roasted the Ipod Touch at 125 degrees, slightly angled for the moisture to disperse. Towards the front of the oven, in a cake pan, with the oven open.

For seven hours.

Then we left it alone, went to Boston for a few days, and came back. And it works.

There are 2 pancake batter smudges under the glass that I need to have rectified, but overall? Not too shabby.

Now, I don’t want to think about what he might do to my precious Ipad to be in retaliation. (Shudder)

How bout you? Gadget lust, or meh???

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  1. Cliff Alexander Wednesday - 27 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I really want one. I don't think Steve did a great job presenting it to the world. He didn't show us the power of this thing. But, I'm like you. Apple could make an iPancake maker - to be used with your batter of course - and I'd buy it. Here's my review of Steve's presentation: http://www.successinexcess.com/2010/01/where-steve-jobs-failed-todayand-what.html
  2. Belle Wednesday - 27 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I've been living under a rock, and I'm not even sure what this iPad does. Maybe I don't get it because I'm not a Mac fan, but for what it's worth...I have a laptop I love and a Kindle and when it's time to renew my wireless contract, I will have a phone comparable to the iPhone.
  3. rockrollmama Thursday - 28 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    Cliff- Great review! I see your points.:) Belle:) I know, it's one of those things I KNOW I don't need- but I waaaaaaant it. (Inner Brat WASSUP???)
  4. Susan Helene Gottfried Thursday - 28 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I don't know... I think it'll be useful, but it's not the machine *I* want. Maybe it's the way it was presented as this wonderful gaming device and oh, yeah, you can read books... whoop de doo... I'm the man who said reading was over, so quit doing it already, will you? Then again, I waited until recently to buy my first iPod. Blame a large portion of that on the Tour Manager; I think he's jealous he doesn't work for Apple. .-= Susan Helene Gottfried´s last blog ..Susan’s Promo Tales: Talkin’ Trevor =-.
  5. Heids Thursday - 28 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I don't need one. But I want one! Just because it's so *purty*. .-= Heids´s last blog ..Home made =-.
  6. Jyl Johnson Pattee Saturday - 30 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    DYING! DYING! DYING! Can't wait until they come out. Hopefully, I'll be able to beat the crowds and get one before they sell out. DYING! ;) .-= Jyl Johnson Pattee´s last blog ..Giveaway! Fishful Thinking Prize Pack With a Canon Digital Camera ($250 ARV) =-.
  7. Michele McGraw Saturday - 30 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I'm right there with you. I want an iPad so bad I can taste (or maybe lick) it. Steve knows how to turn a girl on. All those glorious smooth touch screens where I can glide my finger across the screen in order to view my glorious pics (which may be sucky pics, but on anything by Apple they look glorious). Now I just need to decide if I want 3G or not. .-= Michele McGraw´s last blog ..To iPad or Not, That is the Question! Apple Reveals it Finally! =-.
  8. LoveFeast Table Sunday - 31 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I was the last person I know to "get" texting and didn't even know how to cut and paste a little over a year ago....now I started blogging and my hubs surprised me with what I like to call the "Mother Mac" to help me run my world. This year I've learned a ton, read my first technology/media book (and not only understood most of it, but liked it!). I've come a long way. I have earned the Ipad, I want it. It's mine. HAHA! :) (See ya at Blissdom!) .-= LoveFeast Table´s last blog ..70’s Inspired Food =-.

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