Childhood Diabetes: Fund A Cure Through Music

Todd Wright

Todd Wright

Hey y’all- I’ll natter on about ACL tomorrow, with some pics and video, but today I wanted to give a shout out to some folks who are doing amazing things through music to benefit little rockers who deal with much more on a daily basis than I can imagine.

My dear friends Ally and Rob have a gorgeous daughter, Bella, 10. She’s been fighting Type 1 Diabetes most of her life, and doing it with a grace and humor that belies how difficult it must be. Her parents are incredible advocates for fighting this disease, and her mum organizes a team every Fall to walk in Bella’s honor and raise funds for a cure. Last year, they raised over $3,000.

Imagine your perfectly healthy child, one day suddenly needing elevated care and treatment every day…forever. That’s what happened last August when Ally and Rob’s younger child, Cameron, was diagnosed with Type 1 as well. They went from being at the beach, having a lovely time, to being in the hospital, with Cam fighting for his life. Now, both their dear children are armed with insulin pumps and uncertainty every day, and despite their family’s awesome outlook, it’s hard. Things change very quickly, and I know how much the support of my community meant to me when my family faced health problems last year.

Today, Ally forwarded me an email from singer/songwriter Todd Wright, who’s fighting his own battle: that of turning 40. In rebellion, Todd’s releasing one song a week for forty weeks. After learning of what Bella and Cam and so many others are staring down every day, Todd decided 40 didn’t look so bad after all. He’s donating all proceeds of his songs to the fight against Type 1.

I’ll let him tell you about it:

“40×40 Began 9/30/09. 40 weeks from my 40th birthday.
In an effort to distract myself from the dreaded day I decided to write, record and release one song a week, EVERY week for 40 consecutive weeks. ALL of the tracks will be available for FREE on my website One FREE new song EVERY Wednesday!

A few days after I released the first 40×40 track “You Better Not Leave” I had the chance to hang out with two amazing kids and found a whole new inspiration.

10 year old Bella was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 2. Since then she has endured countless daily insulin shots and has had her finger pricked 8-10 times a day EVERY day. She is rock solid, smart, sweet, kind and tough. Diabetes puts an immense strain on her body and leaves her 4 times more at risk for heart problems, nerve damage, eye damage and kidney damage.

Her parents Rob and Ally have lived almost her entire life with a constant anxiety most of us will never know. So imagine how it felt this past August when their 8 year old son Cameron was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as well.

I sat and watched Cameron prick his finger and test himself. I watched him come in from outside to tell his Mum that his insulin pump had come out of his skin and needed to be reinserted. I could hardly watch them stick this needle-like tube back into his side. He took it like a man among men….at 8.

Suddenly writing and recording a song a week doesn’t seem too hard.

When you visit to download each one of the 40 free downloads I’ll be posting you will see “donate” buttons. EVERY penny of the proceeds are going to research for a cure for this terrible disease.

I know times are tough. Donate if you can.

PLEASE SHARE 40×40 with everyone you can. Todd Wright”

So there you have it. Music going to help those who need a boost- Bella won the guitar we raffled off at the Girls Rock! screening last year, and I can tell you, she does, indeed rock. As does her brother, dad, mum, and so many other people who live with Diabetes, including my Dad (he’s Type 2, adult onset.) And let me say: Todd: YOU ROCK!

So anything you can do, whether it’s financial, moral, or just sending a quick loving vibe out into the world to life these families up, would be much appreciated.If you Tweet, please share this link if you’re so moved, or post it on Facebook to share it with as many people who can make a difference as possible. Thank you!

xoxo, L

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  1. Aimee Greeblemonkey Wednesday - 07 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    As a Type II diabetic (and music lover!), so thrilled to see you talking about this. xo .-= Aimee Greeblemonkey´s last blog ..October Greeblemix Winners! + Classes Galore =-.
  2. Ri, The Music Savvy Mom Wednesday - 07 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    I love it when you use your platform to do good things. I love it that you do that alot. :) As for sharing: I'm on it! I'll spread the cream cheese out of this wonderful project, and will add links to your post on all my blogs. (And, thanks for the music, Todd! ;)) xoxo .-= Ri, The Music Savvy Mom´s last blog ..Guest DJ: Draftqueen @ The Drafts Folder =-.
  3. Todd Wright Wednesday - 07 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    WOW. Thank you SO much for spreading the word. I am blown away.
  4. Rob Queen Wednesday - 07 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    Lindsay, Thank you for showing some love to our cause...our family is very grateful. We are fortunate to have great friends like Todd who can use their talent to do something good. Great music supporting a great cause...we are blessed. Thanks, Rob
  5. Rock and Roll Mama Wednesday - 07 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    But of course! I think it's so amazing, the positive way you advocate for your children, Ally and Rob, and Todd, for you to see a need and use your gifts- just stellar. And Amy G. and Ri, thank you guys so much. Love to see you here, both super smart music girls that I would loveto rock a DJ booth with.:) MWAH!!! .-= Rock and Roll Mama´s last blog ..Childhood Diabetes: Fund A Cure Through Music =-.

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