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My new sister in song, the fabulous Ri from Music Savvy Mom (as well as many other blogs- we even share the ADD!) is featuring my shuffle over at her place today, so I figured it was time for us to get to know her a litle better, too!

She’s building an amazing community- check out her place, and throw a shuffle her way!

Who are your top 3 fave artists RIGHT NOW?
Drive By Truckers
Gogol Bordello
Elliott Smith

Those three get a lot of “go to play” right now

If you could bd any rock star, dead or Alive, who and why? (EDIT: I meant BE, but Ri thought I meant BED, and it really may be the better question)

Okay, see, I initially read this as “bed”, and my answer to that would be Joe Perry of Aerosmith. Couldn’t tell you exactly why…’cept he’s always been on my laminated list. Something about the quiet ‘guitarist with mystique” [/Almost Famous]. Heh. But, also on the list is Billy Bragg, because I LOVE him, and I think he’d be really FUN. And giggling in bed is the BEST. Lyle Lovett isn’t a rock star per se…but again on the list. I totally would NOT throw him out of bed for eating Animal Crackers. Just sayin’…

But, assuming your mind doesn’t dwell quite as far in the gutter as mine and you meant to type “BE”…um…then I’m gonna have to pick Jonathan Tyler of Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights. He’s 24, just signed to Atlantic and currently opening for the Kid Rock/Lynryd Skynrd tour. On the cusp of “BIG”…writing with Rich Robinson of Black Crowes fame who may be producing the next album…still touring in the same old van with his bandmates, but now the van is full of electricity I’m sure, and the excitement must be palpable. He’s a natural rock star and a great guy, with huge talent, a good heart and the right kind of humility that will take him far. Yeah…I’d want to be JT. Standing on the brink of stardom…man, would that be a rush or WHAT?

What’s the first song you knew all the words to?

Well, I’ll give you two answers there. I think the actual FIRST song I knew all the words to was an Italian Folk song that my Aunt Evelyn taught us, and that my Mother and sisters sang to me from as far back as I can remember. It’s called “Mamma Mia, Dammi Cento Lire”, and it’s actually very sad…but, as a child, I never knew that. I just loved it. And I still sing it to my son, Liam…and at three, he knows all the words and can sing it, too. Here’s a youtube of it – we normally just go with the first verse and sing it over and over as a lullaby:

BUT, the first rock song that I remember knowing all the words to? I don’t know if it was the actual first, but the earliest most impressive would have to be Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. When it came out I was seven, and I can still remember sitting with my sister (who is eight years older) on the floor of her room…listening over and over. I learned the whole thing in a day, and she used to have me sing it for her friends who got a HUGE kick out of “The Twerp” jamming out. Yep – thanks to Freddie Mercury, I was a human parlor trick.

First song you wore out on a cassette tape?

Cassette? Hahahaha, I love that you flatter me. Dude, the first song I wore out was on VINYL. Only rich folk had cassettes in 1976. I was a HUGE Peter Frampton fan. OMG, and at nine, I swear to you I was convinced I was going to marry him. Saw “Sgt. Pepper” like a dozen times. (Yes, it was painful, but I suffered it for Pete.*sigh*) So, I’d have to say the first album that warped was “Frampton Comes Alive” as a result of “Do You Feel Like We Do” on constant replay.

What music are you so glad your kids appreciate?
Y’know, Liam is three, so I don’t have a plethora of specifics to choose from, here…but, as it so happens I wrote a post about this on one of my OTHER blogs (yes. I have a problem.) Actually, this was the post that got me thinking about Moms and Music…and that planted the seed that quickly germinated into Music Savvy Mom. See it here on Vacuity.

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  1. Susan Helene Gottfried Wednesday - 22 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Ri's very cool. I am totally digging getting to know her. .-= Susan Helene Gottfried´s last blog ..Featured New Release: Ballads of Suburbia =-.
  2. Ri, MusicSavvyMom Wednesday - 22 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Awwww, shucks, y'all...*batting lashes demurely* ...and trust me, it's taking ALL of the native Virginian Southern Belle I have in me to be demure! LOL YOU all are what's making the blog cool. I'm just a "poster-gatherer". Thanks for hanging with me. :) .-= Ri, MusicSavvyMom´s last blog ..Guest DJ: Lindsay from Rock and Roll Mama =-.
  3. Beckie Sunday - 26 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    I came across you blog and just wanted to say i like it, great to see a mom blog that is a bit different ! I love Janice Joplin and I like the your idea about not losing your inner Janice. My Janice has disappeared with the daily grind of staying at home with 2 kids. Hoping to make it to an Aerosmith concert soon!

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