Hitting the road? Keep the kids happy! Disney travel kit giveaway

We have several road trips planned for this summer (mostly to see Dan play) and I can already hear the screams echoing through the minivan. Yeah, that would be me.

No, I’m just kidding. My kids are really good travelers, as long as we bring a 200-pack of Trader Joe’s lollipops and keep passing ’em back. The sad truth is, being trapped in a metal box hurtling through space, whether it’s car, plane, or train, is challenging for little people- and their parents.

The trick is keeping a steady supply of new diversions for them to throw under the seat. To this end, Disney Family.com is offering an “On the Road With Family.com”  kit to one Rock and Roll Mama Reader! The kit is one more tool in the arsenal to keep children comfortably entertained during trips this summer, and will attempt to put an end to the dreaded “Are we there yet?” question.

The travel kit includes a plush kid size travel pillow, a copy of Dr. Seuss’s There’s a Map in My Lap, a travel game kit, notepad and pen,  and a tote bag (a $30 value).

To enter, please leave a comment telling me about any planned road trips this summer! We’re hitting the beach a few times, Atlantic City and Chincoteaque Island- my favorite ice cream spot. If you have any tips to keep three year olds from repeating, “Ouch! Charlie Bit Me!” for 200 miles, that would be great, too. And if you’d like an additional entry, feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed, and leave an additional  comment letting me know. Winner will be randomly drawn in a week, on Friday, July 3rd, and notified via email.

In your ramblings, visit www.familytravel.com for expert reviews, parent recommendations, and age-appropriate points of interest for family-friendly destinations on any budget. A great travel on the fly feature is a list of “Cities on a Shoestring”,  where parents can find inexpensive or free activities to do in cities around the country.

This post was sponsored by Disney Family Travel- Thanks to Audrey, Jane and Sharon at Mom Generations for sharing it over here!

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  1. Cecile Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are planning on driving to VA to spend the night at the Great Wolf Lodge for my daughter's birthday.
  2. Carrie Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    What a nifty package! And I love your blog. I found you through a tweet! :D So a summer trip... We're taking a few this summer, one to WV and one to a little town north of Austin, TX called Belton. It's for a convention. I'll stick to sharing about the WV trip. We're going from San Antonio, TX to Barboursville, WV in a week! It's for a family reunion and encompasses both my father's side of the family and my mother's side. We're all looking forward to it, except my husband. He's stressed. (He'll be doing all the driving [I can't drive a stick shift] and he's away from work, which means he's away from paying clients!) We'll be stopping in Dallas to see long-time friends (staying overnight), then on to Memphis or Nashville (depends on how long the kids can handle the drive) for the night. On the 3rd day we'll arrive in Barboursville, WV and stay with my parents. Later that week family members from all over the eastern part of the country will drive or fly in and camp out at my parents home for a long weekend! We're really looking forward to seeing family members we've never met, cousins I haven't seen in 15 yrs, and an uncle who just got home from Kuwait. My kids will get to see great grandparents and great aunts & uncles, and play with their cousins. Knowing my family, it will prove to be a very interesting weekend.... :)
  3. Cecile Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    I subscribe
  4. Katie Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    In a few weeks we're heading to Pittsburgh...city of champions! Glad that our kids are finally at the age where they can last the entire 7 hours in the car.
  5. Sylvia Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are driving from San Antonio, TX to LA to see family then driving to Anahime (Disneyland) for a day. Long trip but will be worth it.
  6. Sylvia Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
  7. feener Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    a LONG trip from NJ to the cape !!! i need that tote bag of tricks. .-= feener´s last blog ..Peanut Allergy =-.
  8. Jerri Ann Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    we usually go to the beach the week of labor day because it's my birthday plus...the rates go down after labor day....and I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old...oh yea, some lollipops sound like a good idea to me...but this little package sounds even better .-= Jerri Ann´s last blog ..Ed, Farrah and Michael – McMahon, Fawcett and Jackson =-.
  9. Maria K Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are going to Cape Cod, MA. I am not looking forward to the 5hour car trip with the kids. Thanks for the chance to enter!
  10. ThatBrunette Saturday - 27 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    My SIL just moved to Rhode Island and is begging us to come and see the new house. I think it is about an 7+ hour drive. Whoever said it was all about the journey didn't travel with children! Make them in charge of their own snacks. Let them help pick out salty, sweet, crunchy, soft and other types. Either pack it in one central bag or allow each of them their own. Magic pen books or Color Wonder books are good. They don't make much of a mess but the pens have a habit of leaping from the child's hand to a corner of the car. My car is trashed so I stick in markers and crayons. Don't forget the dollies and Monster Trucks. Personally, the best car toy we have found is Grandma. And, a portable DVD player. Max says: Do all different kinds of things. Play people running. Stop where we stop, go where we go. (It has something to do with making his fingers run while we are driving.) A DVDVDV player is good. Sing spooky songs and good songs. .-= ThatBrunette´s last blog ..Sesame Place - The Adventure Begins =-.
  11. maria Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    we love to go to gatlinburg for thanksgiving and panama city beach for summer
  12. Ellen C. Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are going to take a road with my sister's family. i think the kids will love it. This prize pack would definitely make the ride easier. Thanks for the chance.
  13. Abby Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are planning a trip to San Diego to go see the aquarium
  14. Jennifer C. Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We're planning a weekend or two to visit my sister who lives out of state, a couple hours away. The kids all have a blast playing together.
  15. Christina Finneseth Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are planning a trip around Alaska. I live in Fairbanks but I have never been anywhere else in Alaska. So we are planning to travel the road and learn more about the state.
  16. Jamie Z Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are planning on going camping and the campsite is a 2 hour drive.
  17. Beth Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    No big road trips, but we'll be going to the beach this summer.
  18. Wisconsin Mommy Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are heading to the Wisconsin Dells - about a 2 hr ride (depending on pit stops). .-= Wisconsin Mommy´s last blog ..Look Good... Feel Better =-.
  19. Wisconsin Mommy Sunday - 28 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    and I subscribed!! .-= Wisconsin Mommy´s last blog ..Look Good... Feel Better =-.
  20. GAhome2mom Monday - 29 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We plan to go to the mountains in North Georgia. We may stay in a cabin and just enjoy the area. gahome2mom at gmail dot com .-= GAhome2mom´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.
  21. Carolyn G Monday - 29 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are off to Pittsburgh for the fourth and then we are planning a trip to Charleston SC .-= Carolyn G´s last blog ..**WINNER** Carolina Pad Giveaway =-.
  22. bridget Monday - 29 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are only planning one trip to New Hampshire this year and I plan to have plenty of snacks and activities ready to dole out.
  23. Erin Monday - 29 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    We are planning on spending the weekend on the Oregon coast.
  24. moosh in indy. Monday - 29 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    While I wouldn't consider it a road trip, the new house we just bought is an hour away from our current house and it's up to me and my little kid to travel out there to meet contractors, bug killers, plumbers, what not. So two hours in the car two or three times a week for the next month? She has a Leapster that only comes out during these long car trips. The novelty never wears off and the kid loves the thing. And I don't have to battle "ARE WE THERE YET I DON'T EVEN WANT TO GO OUT THERE AGAIN." *ahem* .-= moosh in indy.´s last blog ..Oldfields-Lilly Gardens Indianapolis, Indiana =-.
  25. rebecca Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Well, we have a couple of two hour trips to reunions planned in July and then in August we're heading north to Canada to visit the in-laws for a week! Long trip from WV with a 15 month-old!
  26. amy warren Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    we are heading to the beach for the 4th of july and again for labor day.
  27. Tara Hernandez Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Our son made the all-star baseball team - so we have been already traveling all summer!!!! We have even made a road trip to San Diego to go camping at camp KOA - we had a blast and can't wait to go back!!! .-= Tara Hernandez´s last blog .. =-.
  28. israel y Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    we plan on taking a trip up to canada to visit the extended family. and we would like to hit up some beaches too this month!
  29. Brenda S. Friday - 03 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    I think the kids will love it. This prize pack would definitely make the ride easier. Thanks for the chance.
  30. rockrollmama Friday - 03 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Thanks you guys! All of these trips sound so lovely- you guys ate far, far braver than I am! 4 hours in the car with those guys is about my limit- which is what we're attempting tomorrow.:) But at least we have a DVD player now- our cousins rock.:) Have a great Friday, and I will pop back in and leave the winner's name tomorrow evening! It'll be late, as Dan has a show tomorrow night. All best! L
  31. Alan D Friday - 03 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Not too many trips. But, planning to go to Madison Wisconsin during the Labor Day weekend. Seems like a tradition. And then a couple short trips to downtown Chicago. Thank you.
  32. sherry Friday - 03 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Great idea. We are heading for a 4 hour trip to the bay area and later on this summer we will be flying to NC and then sight seeing. My poor boys would love something to keep them busy besides the Alphabet game.
  33. Rock and Roll Mama Friday - 03 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    hi you guys!!! Thanks so much for your entries! Wisconsin Mommy is the winner ! Please shoot me an email from the about page with your addy and I'll get it out to you! Best, Lindsay
  34. Emery Friday - 10 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    We are planning a 15 hour drive to Mississippi with our three year old to visit with the inlaws the ride is alright it's just the "are we there yet's" that get me

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