“Rattled” hits shelves today…

I know, it’s not rock and roll, it’s more of a book…but Christina Coppa’s memoir of single-momhood, “Rattled“, strikes me as being rock and roll in that it’s a story of faith and rebellion, albeit unintentional. Faith that her choice to have and raise her son, JD, at 23 and single would be the right one for her. (Note: For her. I know everyone needs to do the thing that works best for them, and I respect that.) Rebellion against the idea that to have a happy family, things had to fall into place in the right order. Sometimes, things just fall, and the outcome depends on how you pick up the pieces.

Christina was an editor at a magazine when she found out she was pregnant, and was offered a blog at Glamour to write about the experience. (Wait…pregnancy is glamorous? I’ve totally been doing it wrong. Damn.) Her blog, Storked!, is an honest chronicle of a tumultuous time, and a fun read. I don’t have her book yet, but it’s on my list for my next Borders trip. I think of it as a trip down memory lane, without the magazine editor part.

I was 11 days shy of my 22nd birthday when my first son was born, and single. I left my little college on the water and all of my insane vegetarian housemates (love you, Ace!) and moved back to the burbs with my mom and dad to go to community college. I know that I was lucky to have such a great family to fall back on, but I was also terrified. Of living in my parent’s house forever, of never finding a man who would love both my child and I, and of not measuring up to my own standards of what a mother needed to be.

Twelve years later, I’m pretty sure I still don’t hit the mark every day. But when I look at the pictures of Christina and her boy JD, or one of my favorite bloggers and single dad Matt Logelin (who wrote a great post about Rattled! today) I remember that first year of sheer terror, joy, and elation. I remember that feeling of a footsoldier, exhausted, unsure of my ultimate orders, but putting one foot in front of the other each tired day.

If you’ve been here before, you know the ending. Two more kids, one of the most accepting husbands on the planet. I’m so grateful to all of those along the way who made it possible- my parents, my teachers in college, my friends who accepted my new role, and, of course, my kid. Do I recommend having a baby as a quick route to growing up? I don’t know, but it worked for me. I was lucky enough to actually have the mythic village, and the fear of failing him was enough to make me try much harder than I ever had before. I’m excited to read Christina’s account of that first year roller coaster ride, and and thank her for sharing it.

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  1. melissa Wednesday - 15 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    just wandering the internet. here through twitter. off to check out the blog you recommended here! nice to "meet" you. melissa’s last blog post..Another One Bites The Dust…
  2. Jo G. Saturday - 18 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    Oh geez, Lindsay! I needed a warning that Matt Logelin's blog would make me cry. NFSW! That being said, I always thought (and continue to think) you were the bravest, most awesome mama!
  3. Sugar Jones Monday - 20 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    LOVE Storked! Though I have to admit, it's been too long since I've read her. I can't wait to get my hands on the book. Reading your quick recount, I remember how freaked out I was to find out I was pregnant my senior year of high school. It wasn't the ideal, but it was the life and path I chose to go down. I stumbled quite a bit, but life ultimately turned out pretty sweet. Not perfect... just sweet. Sugar Jones’s last blog post..Creativity Breeds Prosperity, and Maybe a Ticket to BlogHer!
  4. Bart@Crack Facts Wednesday - 23 / 03 / 2011 Reply
    Just bought it today. ITS AMAZING!

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