Metric Song and Catch Up

Hey you guys! Happy Spring. I can’t believe I’ve been home for two weeks, but I have- I feel like this season is gearing up ridiculously fast. Here’s the lowdown on what’s been going on:

1. I’ve been watching “Malcolm in the Middle” with my 12 year old on DVD- if you have have a prickly tween, this show is cheaper than therapy and actually opens a lot of dialogues.

2. Obsessing over Hayden-Harnett bags- this Brooklyn based design duo just rocks my world. Look at the Paule Marrot prints, you’ll never be the same. The great thing is, they often have solid sales. If you tweet, follow them for Twitter only events.

3. Just keeping the ball rolling on different projects- please send me good sample chapter finishing vibes, as that is my goal for the next two weeks.

4. Signed up to run the Army 10-Miler in October with 4 girlfriends- it sounded so easy when they said “We have 184 days to get ready!” Oh my goodness. I’m open to any running tips.:)

And, of course, listening to new music: I love this band, Metric- a definite new wavey feel, and the requisite Bass that I need to fall in love with a song. This song is called “Help, I’m Alive”- I also love how it changes tempos often. What do you think, and what bands do I need to add on my workout playlist?

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  1. Candice Thursday - 02 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    I am a Metric fan from way back. Thanks for posting this...kinda curtailing my crappy workday afternoon.
  2. Tiffani Thursday - 02 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    Sending good writing vibes! Good luck with the Army 10-Miler. My only advice is to take it slow; don't try to go too far too fast. And have fun! Tiffani’s last blog post..May = Music
  3. steenky bee Thursday - 02 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    Okay, I would TOTALLY love for you to come to Utah and try to say "It's spring!" wiht a straight face. Honestly, I could go outside and make a hefty snowman right now. And Malcom in The Middle? Forget about it! I was so getting into the reruns on FX, then we decided to downgrade our dish service. Now we don't get it. I love the episode where the mom actually throws her back out from yelling too much. Classic!
  4. Devilish Southern Belle Sunday - 05 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    Uh oh. I should NOT have clicked on the link. I think I must procure the Lyon Satchel. I recently started running to try to get my endurance up. I'm in week 4 of Cool Running's Couch-to-5K Running Plan. I don't know if you already run and were looking for beginner tips, but it's got me moving. And I NEVER thought I would run, or enjoy it. Best of luck with the 10-Miler! Devilish Southern Belle’s last blog post..Breaking Point
  5. Stacey Sunday - 10 / 05 / 2009 Reply
    Thanks for the Metric referral - loved the song. I am sure you probably already know of/listen to Interpol. Similar in style - goth/new wave with a driving bass line that just kicks ass in every song. I recommend "No I in Threesome" and "Rest My Chemistry" to start off! I'll be following your blog- I am a former Austinite w/ a kids shop, mom blog and coming soon a review blog called AdventuresInAwesomeness. Check me out. Take care! Stacey Stacey’s last blog post..from Twitter skeptic to believer

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