Girls Rock! Pre-Holiday De-Stress Party

You know how every year, right about the Holidays, everything starts to look a little too freaking cheery and you think if you hear one more Christmas carol your head’s going to explode? (Maybe it’s just me, but I doubt it.)

If you’re in the DC area, I’ve got your cure. If not, never fear, I’ll be having some fun giveaways the week before the event to take your mind off of everything red and green or blue and silver. So here’s what’s up:

There’s this movie, “Girls Rock!” that I want to see SOOOOOO badly. SO badly, I tell you. But I missed the commercial run in DC last spring. So what’s a girl to do? Host a screening, of course! But I didn’t want for you guys to have to PAY for the movie, because I really believe in its message, and want to share. (The message being that magic happens when girls find their voices and let them soar.)

Here’s the Deets: Bach to Rock, a DC area music school, is very generously sponsoring the event, AND…best of all…one of their bands will play a few songs before the movie. Daisy Rock Guitars, a super cool women’s guitar company, has donated the most beautiful spangly acoustic guitar, to be raffled off at the movie. All proceeds will go to the DC Girls Rock camp.

It’ll be at the historic Avalon 2 Movie Theatre, on Connecticut Avenue, the morning of Decmber 14th, at 10:30 am. But here’s the deal: if you want to go, please go leave a comment HERE . Awesome Jenny made another website so it can stay up, but I’m emailing passes to those who leave comments. There are 165 seats, and 85 of them are filled. Wow. Please feel free to share this with whoever you think might love it, grab a badge from the other website if you want, and thank you for being here.:)

I’ve been under a rock lately trying to pull this and some other stuff together, but I’m back, baby, and look forward to catching up on your blogs, too.


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  1. Casey Tuesday - 18 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    I wanna go. Think the commute would be bad from FL? Casey’s last blog post..Which Way Did SHE Go George?
  2. WPoFD Tuesday - 18 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    You shameless movie pimp. I still love you. WPoFD’s last blog post..Thanksgiving with Thoreau (v2)
  3. steenky bee Tuesday - 18 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    I'm wishing I lived on your side of the country now. Sigh. steenky bee’s last blog post..Fattie: Week 5 (Good Goals / Bad Hair Judgement)
  4. Brenda - SeriouslyMama Wednesday - 19 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    I'll be there in spirit! Have a super fab time! Brenda - SeriouslyMama’s last blog post..Things...
  5. Ali Thursday - 20 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    i am coming with alesia... did she already let you know?
  6. steenky bee (jenboglass) Monday - 24 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    Hey there. I just read your guest post over at Casey's and I loved it! I left you a comment over there. Also, have fun at your Pre-Holiday Se-Stress Party. I, myself, will be attending a "Stress you out to the max pre-holiday party", aka, Thanksgiving with the in-laws. steenky bee (jenboglass)’s last blog post..Fattie: Week 6 Money Can't Buy Skinny, But Sometimes It Can Buy The Truth
  7. RhoRho Thursday - 27 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    Umm, please ta meet you! Why haven't I been here before? I got a cool blogger nephew in DC. First, i must lure you to my blog, then tell you bout him. RhoRho’s last blog post..Giving Thanks for the Drama (and the memories)
  8. The Writer Mama Monday - 01 / 12 / 2008 Reply
    Lindsay, Have a rockin' great time! I'll also be there in spirit. Happy holidays!
  9. JessicaAPISS Sunday - 14 / 12 / 2008 Reply
    The event was AMAZING! Thanks for bringing the ROCK and the film's incredible message to DC! xoxo

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