Billy Joel

I spent many hours in the car today. First, it was to the farm to pick up produce. It was going to be a family outing, but since it rained buckets as we prepared to leave, I went by myself. It was just as fun as I expected- and I scored some asparagus! It was as good as the first time. 

Then, it was on to Hood for an alumni luncheon. That was great…there were ladies there from the class of ’33. The class of ’58 came dancing up the aisle, and I teared up, because it was so amazing to see this roomful of joyous, vibrant women, celebrating the gift of their experience at that institution. 

SInce I was flying solo, I had the blue car instead of the trusted minivan. This means no XM radio, no familiar CDs…and no one to tell me to get my hand off the radio dial. Awwww yeahhhhh. I got to indulge my radio ADD unencumbered. When I drive alone, I seriously change the song every 3.2 seconds. Nothing holds my attention for that long…I’m constantly scanning for the song that either perfectly evokes the moment, or hits me with a wave of nostalgia so powerful it won’t be denied. 

And Billy Joel always delivers. His songs are the first ones I remember knowing all the words to. My friend Alesia’s Dad had Glass Houses on vinyl, and we rocked out to it all the time. Today I heard the classic, “I don’t care what you say anymore…this is MY LIFE!!!” Billy Joel was punk rock before there was punk! It cracked me up, as I remembered being around 8 and belting that song out. I really always wanted to be a grownup. I didn’t understand why someone else got to tell me when to go to bed-it seemed so patently unfair. I see a lot of that sentiment in J, 11, now. He’s all, “Well, YOU get to stay up!” And I’m all, “Yeah, cause I’m the mom. Now go to bed.” Maybe I’ll get him some Billy J on his Ipod. 

xoxo, L


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  1. oldiebutgoodie Sunday - 01 / 06 / 2008 Reply
    Billy Joel is no G Love (message from Dave T.), but he is timeless: turns out Piano Man is the favorite musician of the boy whose Bar Mitzvah I attended last night (the last event in a long maternal day of chauffering to birthday and graduation parties, Pizza Hut, and laser tag in every corner of M. county. I couldn't get No Air from hearing Bleeding Love so many times in a day on the radio station of choice of my offspring passengers.)
  2. Susan Sunday - 01 / 06 / 2008 Reply
    Billy Joel was my very first show ever! Second show? Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult. Yeah, I have music ADD too.
  3. Sarah P. Monday - 02 / 06 / 2008 Reply
    My husband and I went to a Billy Joel concert last year... he still sounds great. What was funny was how mixed in age the audience was. Keep giving us links to songs you like, Lindsay -- I love it!
  4. Myra Sunday - 13 / 07 / 2008 Reply
    HUGE BJ fan here. I saw him backflipping off hig grand piano before he got thick in the middle. Still love him, but have also added G Love to my heavy rotation list.

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